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Work on Problem Assignments


Monday, 03.30pm - 05.30pm

Session Leaders

Sarah Edwards
Vic Thomas
Niky Riga

Agenda / Details

Newcomers will attempt an experiment on GENI on their own. Instructors will be available as needed.

Attendees will pick an exercise from a selection of TBD topics in the areas below (examples are just for illustration purposes):

  • network configuration (e.g. learn how to configure static routes)
  • demonstrate a networking principle (e.g. observe TCP behavior under various delays)
  • write and run a program for an experiment (e.g. modify code from a git repository and test it on GENI)
  • practice an intermediate GENI skill (e.g. write an install script)


Exercises will allow newcomer's to apply the skill learned earlier in the day in an unstructured setting. As such attendance at the Newcomer's Day of activities or equivalent experience is required.