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Scaling Up: How to Grow the Topology of an Existing Experiment

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7. Teardown Experiment

Tip When you are done with your experiment it is always good to clean up and release your resources so other people can use them.

8. Archive Experiment

  1. If your experiment worked, save your site.txt and siteX.xml files in version control.

NEXT! Grow Your Experiment!

Now that you have successfully reserved a small topology, you can now grow your topology.

  1. Make a copy of site.txt.
    cp site.txt bigsite.txt
  2. Edit bigsite.txt to have more nodes in the core star topology.
    num_nodes = 5
  3. Also change the nodes listed under [host] to include all of nodes 2-5.
  4. Change the name of the output file (replace X with the value from your worksheet) to:
  5. Go back to the Design/Setup and repeat everything from Step 3.1.d onward.
  6. How would you go about making a topology besides a star? What if you wanted to install different software on one of the nodes?
    Tip Look at the readme.txt and the files in geni-lib/tools/scaleup/sample_configuration for clues.
  7. Load (but do not reserve a few RSpec). The Jacks standalone editor is good for this.