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Scaling Up: How to Grow the Topology of an Existing Experiment

Instructions for the instructor of the Scaling Up tutorial to reserve the backbone.

  1. Do the same pre-work as the students. Prework
  2. Download bkbone1.txt and bkbone2.txt to your local machine.
  3. Run the scaleup tool on each to generate bkbone1.xml and bkbone2.xml:
    geni-lib/tools/scaleup/ -r bkbone1.txt
    geni-lib/tools/scaleup/ -r bkbone2.txt
  4. Reserve the bkbone1.xml using or the GENI Portal. For the purpose of these instructions we assume these resources are reserved in slice bkbone1.
  5. When all three nodes in the topology are ready, test connectivity between nodes.
    1. Login to web1 and ping
    2. Login to rt2 and ping
  6. Download lan_options.json and lan_option_stitch0.json
  7. Share a VLAN at each of the three sites:
    omni -V 3 -a wisconsin-ig poa bkbone1 geni_sharelan --optionsfile lan_options.json
    omni -V 3 -a illinois-ig poa bkbone1 geni_sharelan --optionsfile lan_options.json
    omni -V 3 -a stanford-ig poa bkbone1 geni_sharelan --optionsfile lan_options_stitch0.json