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    5555=== Experiments and Education ===
     57==== Path Balancing with Energy Savings ====
     59The demo is on identification of unnecessary nodes within a session's path options between a source and a destination. The unnecessary nodes are shut down and not enabled until the load monitoring indicates an increase in the load beyond pre-set threshold. A dynamic path switching is realized within an ongoing session when load balancing is needed. Research investigations around how long such a path switching may take, how lossy it may be, and how much energy savings may be achieved are achieved in this experiment.
     62  * Deniz Gurkan,, Univ. of Houston
     63  *
     65==== Network Debugging ====
     67The demo is on adaptive classification of incoming traffic into a wireshark monitoring site. The network engineers may enter filtering instructions to further introduce zooming into specific traffic and identify source and destination. The demo is on the feasibility and completeness of such a network debugging setup in an enterprise network. A presumed hierarchy of access, edge and aggregation nodes has been emulated on GENI testbed to realize this experiment.
     70  * Deniz Gurkan,, Univ. of Houston
     71  * Ateeth Kumar,
     73==== Paradrop ====
     75We will demo the Paradrop Platform, which is a software platform that allows developers to launch applications onto specialized Access Points that exist in the home. This provides the ability to introduce unique control and high quality value adds onto services the end-user chooses to use in their home including applications related to Internet of Things, high-definition media content distribution, and others. For this demo, we will showcase the Platform's ability to dynamically launch and control virtual machines that are running within the Access Point for a few specific services.
     78  * Derek Meyer,, Wisconsin Wireless and NetworkinG Systems (WiNGS) Laboratory
     79  * Dale Willis,
    5782==== A networked Virtual Reality based training environment for orthopedic surgery ====