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    9797  * Musa Ahmed,, Florida International Univ
    99 ==== [ Software Switch Data Plane Performance Characterization] ====
     99==== Software Switch Data Plane Performance Characterization ====
     101[ Software Switch Data Plane Performance Characterization]
    101103The demo is on research with the data plane acceleration methods and their testing methods for software switches. Test planning with OpenFlow-capable software switches has various challenges. The control plane issues may hinder some of the test cases as they have been practiced for non-OpenFlow switches. We investigate solutions to such challenges and report on mapping of test plans on software switch performance characterization. Since most experimental setups utilize software switches for SDN experiments, the results will be applicable to all such SDN application research.
    105107  * Kyle Longtran,, Univ. of Houston
    107 ==== [ Network Complexity Index] ====
     109==== Network Complexity Index ====
     111[ Network Complexity Index]
    109113We investigate how network complexity index may help determine load balancing and performance guarantee issues in content delivery networks. A content request and response may yield a complexity understanding of the network that is very different from how network nodes are physically connected to each other. Such a representation may lead to better optimizations on the content reachability with load balancing guarantees. The experiment setup will help investigate feasibility of such insight into content delivery networks.
    113117  * Satyajeet M. Padmanabhi,, Univ. of Houston
    115 ==== [ Hadoop Network Overhead Characterization] ====
     119==== Hadoop Network Overhead Characterization ====
     121[ Hadoop Network Overhead Characterization]
    117123The demo is on experimental investigations of overhead in hadoop's network usage while ensuring resiliency in the application layer. We investigate the coordination information exchange in hadoop's typical processing. We report on how such overhead changes with process characteristics and how failures may increase such exchange traffic. A measurement setup on GENI is used to conduct this research.
    121127  * Abdul Navaz,, Univ. of Houston
    123 ==== [ Network Debugging] ====
     129==== Network Debugging ====
     131[ Network Debugging]
    125133The demo is on adaptive classification of incoming traffic using OpenFlow protocol on an SDN overlay into a wireshark monitoring site. The network engineers may enter filtering instructions to further introduce zooming into specific traffic and identify source and destination. The demo is on the feasibility and completeness of such a network debugging setup in an enterprise network. A presumed hierarchy of access, edge and aggregation nodes has been emulated on GENI testbed to realize this experiment.