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    4343== Projects ==
     45=== Infrastructure and Measurement ===
     47==== GENI Shakedown Expimeriments -- Intelligent Data Movement Service (IDMS) ====
     49Intelligent data management service is dynamic storage and networking solution. It is deployed in GENI to evaluate performance. In this demonstration, we are extending our previous stitched shared-vlan experiment with meso-scale openFlow experiment spread across uh-eg, gpo-eg and fiu-eg. Two experiment are connected to each other using Layer 3 router deployed in VM at Illinois-ig. We will also be deploying Phoebus Gateways on backbone for external access to the experiment.
     52  * Akshay Dorwat,, Indiana Univ.
     53  * Ezra Kissel,, Indiana Univ.
     55=== Experiments and Education ===
     57==== A networked Virtual Reality based training environment for orthopedic surgery ====
     59This demonstration focuses on a GENI based collaborative Virtual Reality based training environment for orthopedic surgery. A network based collaborative approach has been implemented outlined which enables distributed training of medical students from different locations. The virtual surgery environment is being remotely operated with the aid of a redundancy server.
     62  * Oklahoma State
     63    *
     64    *
     65  * Parmesh Ramanathan,, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
     67=== Federation / International Projects ===
     69==== VNode, FLARE, SDX ====
     71We will show our recent progress of VNode system, especially focusing on applications working over VNode system. In GEC21, we are preparing three demos: one for dynamic software function deployment in virtual network for video streaming service (demo1), second for FLARE and network service deployment demo (demo2), and third for federation between different virtualization platforms (demo3).
     73demo1: Dynamic software function deployment in virtual network will be demonstrated, and video streaming via virtual network will be shown, and the streaming will be transcoded automatically when network congestion occurs.
     75demo2: In FLARE demo, the updated application driven networking will be shown. In network service deployment demo, it will be shown that the service created by the Click based network design tool is automatically deployed over the network virtualized slice. It is also shown in the live demo that the service deployment, start, and stop can be executed by one command.
     77demo3: Federation between SDX and VNode is demonstrated. Developers interested in application-driven network should see this demo. Developers interested in SDX or international/heterogeneous virtual network should also see this demonstration, because it will show VNode-SDX federation.
     80  * Univ. of Tokyo
     81    * Akihiro Nakao,
     82    * Shu Yamamoto,
     83  * Toshiaki Tarui,, Hitachi
     85=== Wireless Projects ===