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    177177  * Paul Ruth,, RENCI
     179==== Labwiki ====
     181This demonstration presents the latest features to the Labwiki Workspace. We will demonstrate Labwiki's new support for resource selection and provisioning within Labwiki. We will also present its new automated experiment trial validation plugin, e.g. a lecturer can now automatically get information about experiment trials requested by students. We will finally demonstrate Labwiki's new integration within an eBook widget.
     184  * Thierry Rakotoarivelo,, NICTA
     185  * Max Ott,, NICTA
     186  * Mike Zink,, Univ. of Massachusetts
     188==== InstaGENI ====
     190InstaGENI is one of the two GENIRack designs. In this demonstration, we will be show the creation, deployment, and report from and InstaGENI-wide monitoring slice, going across all currently-available InstaGENI racks. We will use the advanced features of the GENI Experiment Engine to deploy the slice.
     193  * Rick McGeer,
     195==== GENI Experiment Engine ====
     197The GENI Experiment Engine is a Platform-as-a-Service programming environment and storage system running on the InstaGENI infrastructure. In this demonstration, we will be showing single pane-of-glass control of distributed application running across the GEE Infrastructure, using the GEE Message System for coordination and the GEE Filesystem to deploy data and results.
     200  * Rick McGeer,
    179202=== Federation / International Projects ===
    192215  * Parmesh Ramanathan,, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
     217==== XIA ====
     219We present the eXpressive Internet Architecture (XIA) project as a platform for networks research. We demonstrate hands-on how to introduce new functionality to XIA. We introduce load balancing as a network primitive.
     222  * Dan Barrett,, Carnegie Mellon Univ
     224==== International Federation ====
     226Based on previous GEC demos on international federation, we want to demonstrate to what we can currently scale regarding number of resources and what limits the tools and federation currently have. (target: 1000 resources in an experiment built from multiple slices)
     229  * Brecht Vermeulen,, iMinds
     231==== SDX Poster ====
     233A poster describing a prototype SDX deployment.
     236  * Brecht Vermeulen,, iMinds
     237  * Tom Lehman,, MAX
     238  * Marshall Brinn,, GENI Project Office
     239  * Niky Riga,, GENI Project Office
    194241==== SDXs-Software Defined Network Exchanges Inter Domain Prototype ====