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    5454Users select the type of path they want to use, along with the amount they are willing to pay for a path, via a configuration file on the sending machine.  It can be found in the ~/choicenet/source/config/config.txt file.  The config.txt file stores the user's economic choices.  In particular, the config.txt file contains a list of applications and the type of path that should be selected for the application.  For example, the config file might list ''iperf'' as an application and ask for high bandwidth paths while at the same time having a listing for ''ssh'' that requests paths with low latency.  Not only does it specify the type of path, but it also specifies how much the user is willing to pay for the path.  The wrapper library used by applications consults the config.txt file before contacting the ''path service (PS)'', and uses the information in the config.txt file to determine what type of path to request.  It also uses the price information to determine the maximum consideration (payment) that the sender is willing to pay for the service.
     56''' NOTE : After every run of the iperf test while rying out the options below , please kill the iperf server on H1 by pressing CTRL-C and start it again using the above commands '''
    5658= Choosing a Low Bandwidth Path =