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At this point we will start configure and Installing Choicenet code onto the nodes in your slice.

Follow the list of commands below to set the the CHOICENET FRAMEWORK

Change into the choicenet bin directory

cd choicenet/source/bin/

Run the configure to setup the necessary interfaces, routes and bridges

./gt -f <MANIFEST FILENAME> -l <GENI USERNAME> -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa configure

Now install the Choicenet code which includes Choicenet CLICK Implementation and the Choicenet SDN Implementation

./gt -f <MANIFEST FILENAME> -l <GENI USERNAME> -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa install

Turn on CLICK on all the Router Nodes (-R option)

./gt -f <MANIFEST FILENAME> -l <GENI USERNAME> -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa -R clickon

Turn on the Choicenet PATH Service (Details about path service provided during the tutorial)

./gt -f <MANIFEST FILENAME> -l <GENI USERNAME> -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa pathServiceOn

Send path advertisements to path service