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At this point we will start configure and Installing Choicenet code onto the nodes in your slice.

Follow the list of commands below to set up the CHOICENET FRAMEWORK

Replace the <MANIFEST_FILENAME> and <GENI USERNAME> with the values shown to you during the pre-setup phase

Change into the choicenet bin directory

cd choicenet/source/bin/

Run the configure to setup the necessary interfaces, routes and bridges

./gt -f <MANIFEST FILENAME> -l <GENI USERNAME> -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa configure

Now install the Choicenet code which includes Choicenet CLICK Implementation and the Choicenet SDN Implementation

./gt -f <MANIFEST FILENAME> -l <GENI USERNAME> -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa install

Turn on CLICK on all the Router Nodes (-R option)

./gt -f <MANIFEST FILENAME> -l <GENI USERNAME> -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa -R clickon

Turn on the Choicenet PATH Service (Details about path service provided during the tutorial)

./gt -f <MANIFEST FILENAME> -l <GENI USERNAME> -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa pathServiceOn

Send path advertisements to path service