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    8686<li>Join one of the informal <a href="">Newcomer and Travel Grantee BOF dinners</a> on Saturday and the <a href="">Newcomers Breakfast</a> on Tuesday.  </li>
    8787<li>Attend tutorials and sessions marked with a <i>green dot</i> in the agenda.</li>
    88 <li>Stop by one or more of the <a href="">Experimenter Drop-in Help Sessions</a>  for assistance with exercises from the tutorials or with any other experiments you plan on running on GENI.   </li>
     88<li>Stop by the <a href="">Experimenter Drop-in Sessions</a>  for help with exercises from the tutorials or with any experiment you plan on running on GENI.   </li>
    100100<li>A <a href="">Newcomer and Travel Grantee Day</a> for those with little or no exposure to experimentation with GENI.  These sessions (or equivalent experience) are a pre-requisite for all other tutorials.</li>
    101101<li><a href="">Demo lightning talks</a> - Select demo presenters will do lightning talks about their demos so <a href="">Demo Session </a> attendees can prioritize their time.</li>
    102 <li><a href="">ExoGENI</a> and <a href="">InstaGENI</a> Rack Administration sessions - These Monday sessions allow rack admins and rack teams to share their experiences operating GENI racks and ask questions of the rack development teams.</li>
     102<li><a href="">ExoGENI</a> and <a href="">InstaGENI</a> sessions for GENI rack admins  to share experiences operating racks and to ask questions of the rack developers.</li>
    103103<li>An <a href="">Intro to GENI Architecture</a> talk on Tuesday will provide an overview of the GENI software and network architecture.</li>
    104 <li>Tutorial theme. The tutorial theme for GEC20 is "Systematic Experimentation in GENI".  Tutorials marked in <b>bold</b> cover one or more aspects of this theme.</li>
     104<li>Tutorial theme. Tutorials marked in <b>bold</b> cover one or more aspects of the GEC20 theme "Systematic Experimentation in GENI".</li>
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