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     3= GEC20 =
     4''Hosted by [ Professor S.J. Ben Yoo]''[[BR]]
     5''Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering [[BR]]
     6''University of California at Davis''[[BR]][[BR]]
     9If you attended a tutorial during GEC19, we would love to get your feedback. Please let us know what you think by completing this form: (TBA)
     11== Conference Registration and Logistics ==
     14<table border="0" >
     15 <tr>
     16    <td width="350" valign="top">
     17<h3 align="left"> <u>Conference </u> </h3>
     18The 20th GENI Engineering Conference <br>
     19June 21-24, 2014 <br>
     20<br/> <a href=""> UC Davis Conference Center</a>  <br>
     21<br/>Contact: Teresa Brown <a href="mailto:Teresa Brown"></a> <br>
     22<br/> <b>Directions to  </b> <a href=""> UC Davis Campus </a>
     23     </td>
     24    <td width="350" valign="top">
     25<h3 align="left"> <u>Registration </u></h3>
     26Registration: $200 Before June 16<br>
     28 <b>$250 on June 17 and later</b><br><br>
     29Registration link: <a href=""> GEC20</a> <br><br>
     31Breakfasts and lunches are included <br><br>
     32We urge all GEC attendees to ensure they have access to the GENI Experimenter Portal prior to attending GEC20.<br>
     33Please <a target="_blank" href="">verify or create a new account</a>.
     34  </td>
     35  </tr>
     36  <tr>
     37   <td width="350" valign="top">
     38<h3 align="left"> <u> Hotel Reservation:</u> </h3>
     39Hotel Reservation: There are several hotels, please review the list and pick your preferred hotel based on location<br><br>
     40Hotels: <a href=""> Accommodations</a><br>
     43<h3 align="left"> <u>Transportation to/from the airport or University</u></h3>
     44<a href="">Airport Transportation</a> <br><br>
     48<h3 align="left"> <u>Travel Grants</u></h3>
     50A limited number of travel grants are available. Please see <a href="">Travel Grant Instructions</a>.
     51  </td>
     52  </tr>
     56== Conference Agenda ==