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Ready to Print

  1. Surveys
    • Item to print: url
    • Number of copies: TBD
    • Paper: plain white
  2. Getting Started Part I
    1. Instructions
      • Item to print: pdf
      • Number of copies: 80
      • Instructions:
        • Please collate and staple each set of instructions.
        • pdf should be printed double sided.
        • All pages (including the cover) should be 3-hole punched
        • The cover should be colored paper (use a single color for all copies of this tutorial).
        • The numbered pages should be printed on plain white.
        • I've included a blank page after the cover to represent the back side of the cover. So there should be 1 sheet of colored paper followed by 6 sheets of white paper for a total of 7 sheets of paper.
    2. Worksheets
      • Item to print: pdf or docx (contains 4 worksheets in the file)
      • Number of copies: 20 copies (for a total of 80 worksheets)
      • Instructions:
        • pdf should be printed single sided.
        • Print on 3-hole punch white paper.
        • Each sheet of paper is 1 worksheet (there are 4 variations of the worksheets)

In progress

  1. Disclaimer forms
    • Number of copies: TBD
    • Paper: plain white
  2. Inter-aggregate Experiments
    1. Instructions

Cryptic notes on making a pdf of the instructions

  • Insert cover page before instructions
  • Insert a blank page after the cover page
  • View document in the "2 page" mode
  • Manually number the page numbers using the text tool in Preview.
    • Be sure to put the number in the lower outside corner (lower left corner for even pages and lower right corner for odd pages)

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