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GEC20 Plenary Session - GENI Updates


Monday, 8:30 - 11:00am

Live Stream


Session Leader

Mark Berman
GENI Project Office

Agenda / Details

Planned Speakers

  • Welcome
    • Mark Berman, GENI Project Office
    • Harris Lewin, Vice Chancellor for Research, UC Davis
    • Bryan Lyles, Program Director, National Science Foundation
  • Demo Night Awards
  • GENI Updates
    • Mark Berman, GENI Project Office
  • Experimentation Update
    • Vic Thomas, GENI Project Office
  • Call for GEC22 demonstration proposals
  • Apt (Adaptable Profile-Driven Testbed)
    • Rob Ricci, University of Utah
  • Demonstrations: Systematic Experimentation and GENI Wireless

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