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     3= [wiki:GEC19Agenda#ConferenceAgenda GEC19] Tutorial: Experiment Orchestration and Instrumentation using LabWIKI  =
     5== Live Stream Information ==
     7== Schedule ==
     9Sunday 10.30am - 12.30pm
     11== Tutorial Instructors ==
     14<table  cellspacing=0  style="border:2px solid gray;">
     16<tr align='center'>
     17<td> <a href=""><img src="" height='100px'/></a></td>
     18<td><a href=""><img src="" height='100px'/></a></td>
     21<tr align='center'  style="border:1px solid gray;">
     22<td  style="border:1px solid gray;">Mike Zink <br/>UMass Amherst</td>
     23<td  style="border:1px solid gray;">Divyashri Bhat <br/>UMass Amherst </td>
     28== Agenda Details ==
     29Attendees will learn to use the !LabWiki tool for scripting experiment by building a Load balancer OpenFlow controller that will split the traffic between two paths.  They will use GIMI tools to monitor the traffic on each path.
     31==== Pre-Requisites ====
     32This tutorial assumes that they attendees are familiar with:
     33  1. "Basic GENI concepts". It is assumed that the attendees have a basic understanding of GENI, the GENI Experimenter Portal, its resources and how to setup an experiment
     34  1. "Basic OpenFlow concepts". It is assumed that the attendees, already have an understanding of OpenFlow and its API
     35  1. "GIMI tools". Although not a requirement, it would be useful if attendees are familiar with the GIMI tools for instrumenting and measuring their experiment.
     37==== Please Arrive With: ====
     38A Laptop
     40==== Results ====
     42== Tutorial materials ==