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     1= Module A Design and Setup =
     3== 1.  Obtain resources ==
     4For this experiment we will need:
     5  * 4 VMs (NodesA-D) with images that comes with pre-installed GIMI tools. (Type A)
     6  * 1 VM (Switch) with images that comes with pre-installed GIMI tools and OVS. (Type B)
     8The Type A nodes represent regular end systems while the Type B node is used as a software-based OpenFlow (OVS) switch.
     9The resulting slice topology for this experiment is shown in the screenshot below.
     11[[Image(flack_topo.png, 60%)]]
     13You can use any reservation tool you want to reserve this topology:
     14  * For Omni or Flack you can use the  [wiki:GENIExperimenter/RSpecs RSpec] that is published at:
     15  * At the [ GENI Portal] there is a public RSpec called "'''learning-switch'''" that you can use.
     17Look at the [wiki:GEC19Agenda/GIMI/Procedure#Prerequisites Prerequisites] for Tutorials about reserving resources. MZ: Fix link for GEC20!!!!
     18=== 1.1 Login to Nodes sender and Receiver ===
     20==== 1.1.1 Find your Aggregate ====
     22Click on your Slice name in the GENI Portal and scroll to the aggregate where you reserved your resources. [[BR]]
     24[[Image(selectrspec.png, 80%)]]
     26Click on "Details" next to it. You will see a page as below.
     28[[Image(geniLogin.png, 80%)]]
     30Use the Login information obtained here to login to your nodes using any SSH client.
     33= [wiki:GEC20Agenda/LabWiki/ModuleA Module A Introduction] =
     34= [wiki:GEC20Agenda/LabWiki/ModuleA/Execute Next: Run Experiment] =