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Module A Execute Experiment

3. Instrument your Application using LabWiki

In this part of Module A you will learn how you can use LabWiki to execute an experiment on the slice you reserved in the previous step.

3.1 Design and Execute measurement in LabWiki

3.1.1. The "Plan" Window

To get started point your browser to Labwiki has three major windows. We will focus on the leftmost window first. This is the "Planning" window in which you document your experiment. (This is somewhat the equivalent of an electronic lab journal.) Documents are written in Markdown.

At the top of that window is a text field which you can use to search for existing MD scripts. Type "learningswitch" in the field and then select "" from the list of files that are offered. This document has some information on the experiment that will be performed in Module A of the tutorial.

3.1.2 The "Prepare" Window

The "Prepare" (middle) window allows you to define your experiment through and OMF experiment script specified in OMF Experiment Description Language (OEDL).

Markdown Script


3.1.2 Copy the following script into the Prepare Window

OEDL Script

3.1.3 Start your application from LabWiki


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