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Tutorial: Inter-Aggregate Experiments

Live Stream Information


Sunday Jun 22, 10.30am - 12.30pm

Tutorial Instructors

Niky Riga
Aaron Helsinger
Luisa Nevers

Agenda / Details

During this tutorial, we will discuss various ways of connecting reserved resources at multiple aggregates for data connections. We will survey the options available in GENI, including ExoGENI stitching, GRE tunnels, IP on the control plane, and shared VLANs. We will then go in detail and hands on through using GENI VLAN stitching and the stitcher tool that comes with Omni to reserve private layer 2 connections between experimental hosts.


After you done the above two you should have completed the following pre-work list:

  1. Have an account a the GENI Portal.
  2. Be a member of GEC20 Project.
  3. Installed the Omni tools.
  4. Configured the Omni tools.
  5. Able to SSH from your PC.

Tutorial materials

Instructions: web pdf


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