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Instrumentation and Measurement Developers Meeting

GEC20 is the last GEC before the scheduled end of the GEMINI and GIMI contracts. Therefore, this I&M session will focus on key issues of interest to both the GIMI and GEMINI projects as they plan to wrap up the activities under these contracts and transition the tools and services.


Monday 4pm - 5.30pm

Session Leaders

Marshall Brinn
Jeanne Ohren

Agenda / Details


  1. End-game of GEMINI and GIMI
    • What do we need/want to accomplish in the remaining months?
  2. Transition of tools and services
    • Services needed for GIMI and GEMINI
    • Experimenter support
  3. Experimenter experiences
    • A panel discussion on how the experimenters are using the I&M tools
      • What is working well?
      • Where are the stumbling blocks?
  4. OpenFlow measurements
    • What types of OpenFlow/SDN measurements are possible/useful?
    • What resources are needed to implement?
    • What is needed for testing?


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