ExoGENI Rack Administration

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Monday, 11:30am - 12.30pm

Session Leaders

Ilya Baldin
Victor Orlikowski

Agenda / Details

This session will cover topics specific to the installation and administration of ExoGENI Racks. It will give ExoGENI admins an opportunity to ask questions and share experiences.

The session is hands-on using a virtual machine image that has the installation of ExoGENI control software on it, that will permit participants to learn about how ORCA (the ExoGENI control software) is installed and how it is managed. Specifically, the following topics will be covered:

  • ORCA installation, its dependencies and file layout
  • Main configuration files
  • Managing ORCA installation using Pequod command-line tool
  • Logging and debugging
  • Time permitting - interface between ORCA and substrate (OpenStack, xCAT, OpenFlow, switch fabrics and so on).

Participants will need to bring their laptops; a USB stick with virtual machine image will be provided at the session.



Session Notes

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