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    4242=== Infrastructure and Measurement ===
     44==== Measurements of Netmap-Based Data Plane Acceleration on xDPd ====
     46The poster will illustrate and report our current measurement results in characterizing the performance improvements achieved through netmap integration with xDPd. xDPd is an open source, modular software switch project: We recently started to collaborate with the FIRE team in Berlin, BISDN, on data plane acceleration for xDPd through netmap integration. Our measurements are in progress as xDPd also evolves. We also would like to receive GENI community feedback on such measurement challenges.
     49  * Levent Dane,, Univ. of Houston
     50  * Deniz Gurkan,, Univ. of Houston
     52==== Integrating Dell SDP on GENI ====
     54The poster will present the state of the integration on GENI, our ideas and considerations on an aggregate manager for the Split Data Plane (SDP) switches on GENI. Dell has decided to donate ~10 SDP switches on GENI. UH is placing them on GENI rack locations, both ExoGENI and InstaGENI. The SDP switches should be considered GENI resources. However, there are challenges in sharing such a resource for simultaneous experimentation. We would like to present such considerations and receive discussions and feedback from GENI community.
     57  * Levent Dane,, Univ. of Houston
     58  * Deniz Gurkan,, Univ. of Houston
     60==== Network Resilience with OpenFlow ====
     62The University of Kansas and KanREN regional network will demonstrate network resilence using the KanREN/GENI and InstaGENI Openflow infrastructure.
     65  * James Sterbenz,, Univ. of Kansas
    4467==== Intelligent Data Movement System (IDMS) ====
    4972  * Ezra Kissel,, Univ. of Delaware
     74==== OpenBIDS ====
     76 Project description Project demo involves displaying the software (Network Intrusion detection system developed over OpenFlow). Performances are compared with SNORT and the statistics are studied in detail.
     79  *, Rochester Institute of Technology
    5181==== Jacks ====
    278308  * Toshiaki Tarui,, Hitachi
     310==== GENI/FIRE Federation ====
     312Demo description paragraph (three sentence minimum): The goal of this demo is to show how testbeds on both sides of the Atlantic can be federated. This demo will make use of a slice that stitches resources from GENI and FIRE testbed. !LabWiki will then be used to execute an experiment that makes use of the combined set of resources.
     314List of equipment that will need AC connections (e.g. laptop, switch, monitor): Just put in the number of connections needed if your demo description already lists equipment. 2 laptops
     316Total number of wired network connections (sum standard IP and VLAN connections): 2 standard IP Number of wired layer 2 VLANs (if any): Specify VLAN number, if known, approximate bandwidth, and whether tagged or untagged.
     319  * Mike Zink,, University of Massachusetts
    281321==== FIRE-GENI SDX 1.0 ====