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    4040== Projects ==
    41 TBD
     42=== Experiments and Education ===
     44=== Federation / International Projects ===
     46==== SDX in GENI ====
     48This demonstration will provide an update Software Defined Exchange (SDX) implementation work being led by the Georgia Tech team. The demonstration will provide an update on the work to deploy our SDX implementation on GENI. We will also update the progress toward an SDX API for GENI experimenters.
     51  * Russ Clark,, Georgia Tech
     53=== Wireless Projects ===
     55==== Vehicular Sensing and Control ====
     57We will demonstrate Vehicular Sensing and Control (VSC) platform that we designed for researchers and experimenters to support idea/protocol experimentation and emulation in a real world. Specifically, by leveraging the GENI resources,(i.e. GENI WiMAX network, ExoGENI racks, VLAN connection as well as relevant experimenter tools), this platform enables the researchers and experimenters to use OpenXC sensing and camera-based sensing data such as vehicle location, vehicle speed, pedal position, traffic states surrounding the vehicle as input for the experimentation and emulation. It could be very helpful to reason about the protocol design. In this demo, we will highlight the latest mechanisms developed for VSC application-layer emulation and extensive experimental results that we collect using the VSC platform. The audience with the interests of vehicular network should stop by and see this demo given the capability of the VSC platform.
     60  *