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Developers Topics

At this developers session, we will discuss several issues relating to developing GENI tools, aggregates and clearinghouses. This session may begin conversations that will be continued at the Developers Roundtable session.

Live Stream Information


Sunday 1.30pm - 3pm

Session Leaders

Marshall Brinn
Tom Mitchell
Aaron Helsinger

Agenda / Details

  • Jacks (an embeddable HTML5 tool) Integration Status and Demo
    • Jon Duerig, University of Utah
  • Developing GENI Tools; Experiences, Utilities and Plans
    • FOAM, VTS, geni-lib - Nick Bastin, Barnstormer Softworks
    • GENI Desktop - Hussam Nasir, University of Kentucky
    • LabWiki - Mike Zink, University of Massachusetts
    • AL2S, OESS, FlowSpace Firewall - Andrew 'AJ' Ragusa, Internet2
    • Stitching Computation Service - Tom Lehman, Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX)
    • InstaGENI - Rob Ricci, University of Utah
    • ExoGENI - Ilya Baldin, RENCI
    • Clearinghouse, omni, stitcher, OpenID - Aaron Helsinger, GPO/BBN Technologies
  • ABAC: Dynamic Authorization at the GENI Clearinghouse
  • Status Updates:
    • Speaks-for
    • Stitching
    • AM API v3

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