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Session Name:

Running RINA on GENI

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Session Leader(s):

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Abraham Matta, Email:

Session Presenter(s):

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Yuefeng Wang, Email:

Nabeel Akhtar, Email: Nabeel Akhtar


11:00 am – 12:30 pm, March 17, 2014


This tutorial introduces the basic elements of the Recursive InterNetwork Architecture (RINA) and describes how to setup RINA experiments on GENI nodes.

Registration Information

Maximum number of attendees: 30

Maximum number of hands-on (individuals or groups): 15


Responsible for instructions:
GENI Tutorials are in this format

Review date: March 7
Ready for a dry run

Print due date: March 12
In you need GPO to print the instructions, if you are providing your own copies just indicate so

Linked to tutorial page:


What ExoGENI resources are needed?

What InstaGENI resources are needed?

We will reserve around 10 VMs from an InstaGENI aggregate (NYU) via the GENI portal.

What WiMAX resources are needed?

When will slices be created and by whom?

Two slices will be created before the tutorial by Nabeel Akhtar.

Slice name: RINA_tutorial_slice_1 and RINA_tutorial_slice_2.

When will resources be reserved and by whom?

Resources (VMs) of one slice will be reserved before the tutorial for those who register online for the tutorial session. For those who register later at the conference, we will attempt to reserve resources for the second slice at the beginning of the tutorial.

This will be done by Nabeel Akhtar.

When and how will slices be assigned to attendees?

We will add attendees as members of the slices so that they can access the resources that are reserved by us. In the beginning of the tutorial, we will assign resources to different groups.


What tools are required for the tutorial?

GENI Portal and UNIX command line.

What tools are recommended for the tutorial?

How will attendees access these tools?

[Installed on tutorial VM? Installed on their own laptops?]

Mac and Linux users can use system built-in Terminal. Windows users need to install Cygwin, or Virtual Box with a Linux VM.


Answer questions

Assign/reserve resources