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Instrumentation and Measurement Tools Overview

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Session Leader(s):

Mike Zink
Jim Griffioen

Session Presenter(s):

Jim Griffioen
U. of Kentucky
Indiana Univ.
Mike Zink
UMass Amherst



The GENI Instrumentation and Measurement projects, GEMINI and GIMI, will describe and demonstrate for you the latest functionality and capability of these I&M tools. This session will provide an introduction to the tools before you have an opportunity to try the tools hands-on in the GEMINI and GIMI tutorials. They will use reference experiments to show you how you can use the many features of each of the tool sets to gather and store important and interesting data about the experiment and visualize what is happening in real-time. They will also briefly review the strengths of each of these sets of tools and differences between them to help you identify which tools will best fit your needs.

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What ExoGENI resources are needed?


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20 OpenVZ VM from IG-KY, 11 VMs from ExoGENI - various racks

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