GEC19 Tutorial: Running RINA on GENI

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Monday 11:00am-12:30pm

Session Leaders

Abraham Matta
Boston U.
Yuefeng Wang
Boston U.
Nabeel Akhtar
Boston U.

Agenda / Details

This tutorial introduces the basic elements of the Recursive InterNetwork Architecture (RINA) and describes how to setup RINA experiments on GENI nodes.


  • Comfortable with running your own experiments on GENI resources.
  • A basic familiarity with using a UNIX command line.
  • A laptop with Mac OS or Linux OS. For Windows users, install Cygwin, or a recent version of Virtual Box ( with an Ubuntu image.

Tutorial materials


Instructions for enrollment experiment at

Instructions for flow allocation experiment at

Instructions for dynamic layer formation experiment at

Instructions for routing experiment at

The files and scripts needed to run these experiments can be found at

The Rspec file, describing the GENI resources needed, is at

There are two ways to use the Rspec:

Using the GENI Portal:

  1. Create your own slice using the GENI portal.
  1. Go to the slice and click on 'Add Resources'.
  1. Add 'RINATutorialRspec.xml' for 'Choose Resources' and select 'NYU InstaGENI' for 'Choose Aggregate'.


Using Flack:

  1. Create your own slice using the GENI portal.
  1. Go to Flack for that slice.
  1. Click on 'Import' and enter 'RINATutorialRspec.xml' as input.
  1. Click submit.


A two-page introduction to ProtoRINA at (under submission)

Slides on RINA concepts and ProtoRINA at

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