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GEC19 Achieving Programmable WAN

Live Stream Information

live stream


Tuesday, 4:00 - 5:30pm

Session Leaders

Marshall Brinn
GPO Nick Bastin
Barnstormer Softworks

Agenda / Details

The goal of this session is to discuss the current and future capabilities of the GENI Programmable WAN: that is, what GENI does and can provide to experimenters to create a custom topology whose networking can be programmed. The current plans are to establish the "GENI OpenFlow Network" with stitching capability to support this capability. But in addition the community is and should be providing other services to provide experimenters with different kinds of programmable WAN capabilities including software switches, pre-allocated resources, different connectivity technologies.

The session will frame the discussion in terms of the program goals, then some current and possible future directions in these areas.

Expected presentations include:

  • Nick Bastin of Barnstormer Softworks will discuss work he's done for the Virtual Topology Service (VTS)
  • Eric Boyd, Internet2
  • Rick McGeer, US Ignite
  • Joe Mambretti, ICAIR
  • Jerry Sobieski, NORDUnet




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