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GEC19 A vision for GENI Wireless Infrastructure


Monday, 1.30pm - 3.00pm

[TBD Session Video]

Session Leaders

Mark Berman
GENI Project Office
Ivan Seskar
Abhimanyu Gosain
Raytheon BBN

Agenda / Details

This session highlights the future vision for GENI wireless infrastructure and will focus on spectrum challenges, sample applications and deployment scenarios for campuses.


  • A huge segment of the future of network service delivery is via wireless platforms.

  • Network researchers have been severely hampered in their ability to experiment with novel mechanisms because of the closed nature of commercially-operated cellular systems.

  • We are now witnessing a breakthrough period. GENI WiMAX provides the first (only) suite of researcher-owned and operated cellular systems. It is enabling a significant number of researchers to overcome the barriers and conduct studies in a wide range of research areas. We have done the legwork needed to verify that we can replicate this successful experiment environment on top of LTE equipment.


  • Now is the time to plan a significant increase in the scope of wireless cellular research infrastructure. We can model the approach on GENI WiMAX, but with LTE equipment, using GENI rack sites as the nucleation points.


  • Welcome/Introductions/Speaker Intro(s) - mark
  • Outline motivation/goals for this session - mark
  • Mobility First - Ivan
  • SciWinet - Jim
  • Wisc Infrastructure/Emergency services- Suman
  • Vehicular deployment - Hongwei
  • Programbility of femto-cells/amarisoft/usrp/cog radio - Rob ricci
  • Proposed Deployment Plan - Manu/Ivan
  • Questions/Discussion
  • Adjourn

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