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    5757  * Tae Hwang,, Cisco
     59==== Monitoring Prototype ====
     61Demonstration of GENI aggregate-based reporting and alerting system prototype. System is designed to collect data from shared sources provided by aggregators.
     64  * V. Cody Bumgardner,, Univ. of Kentucky
     66==== Internet2 OpenFlow ====
     68Internet2 will demo virtualization on the Advanced Layer 2 Service with Flowspace Firewall, showing a guest controller in addition to the standard Advanced Layer 2 Service OESS controller. We will talk about how we plan to allow experimental OpenFlow controllers, including GENI controllers, running alongside our production controller.
     71  * Matt Zekauskas,, Internet2
    5973=== Security and Data Exchange Projects ===
    135149  *
     151==== Virtual Topology Service (VTS) ====
     153The Virtual Topology Service (VTS) will allow experimenters to reserve complex and flexible programmable virtual topologies on top of GENI substrates. Virtual switches supporting various SDN technologies (multiple versions of OpenFlow, etc), and simple traditional switches, will be available, and VTS tools will make it easy to reserve an entirely topology from a single descriptive rspec. We will demonstrate the current state of the service, and expect a prototype to be ready for brave early adopters to try out soon after GEC.
     156  * Nick Bastin,
     158==== Simulation, Detection, and Denial of ping Attack ====
     160Simulation, Detection, and Denial of ping attack: The demo topology in GENI consist of 2 nodes say Host1 and Host2. Host1 will send the ping's to the Host2. Host2 will continuously measure the number of ping's received from the Host1 and detect the ping attack. The detection will trigger re-programming of the network to deny pinging connection.
     163  * Satyajeet M. Padmanabhi,
     164  * Deniz Gurkan,, Univ. of Houston
     166==== Tapestry in GENI ====
     168In this demonstration we will explain how Tapestry, a software defined application (Developed by Infoblox/ will help in continuous monitoring of the network and gives us the Network Complexity Index. Tapestry will be installed and running on a SDN switch which fully monitors the entire network and extracting the complexity index based on the DNS requests made on the network.
     170Our aim is to run this Tapestry on the GENI cloud platform and identify the complexity based on the DNS requests made on the network and also focus on how rapidly the network complexity is growing and is needed to better management and control.
     173  *, Univ. of Houston
     174  * Deniz Gurkan,, Univ. of Houston
     176==== Protocol Pattern Matching on LINC Switch ====
     178To optimize a protocol pattern matching mechanism on the LINC switch: inspiration was derived from Protocol Oblivious Forwarding (POF), which can be compatible with any new protocol.
     181  *, Univ. of Houston
     182  * Deniz Gurkan,, Univ. of Houston
     184==== Network Characterization of Hadoop using GENI ====
     186Hadoop’s implementation of !MapReduce in a multi-rack cluster is dependent upon the top of the rack switches and of the aggregator switches connecting multiple racks. We will demo network characterization and requirements perspective for Hadoop using the GENI testbed.
     189  * Abdul Navaz,, Univ. of Houston
     190  * Deniz Gurkan,, Univ. of Houston
    137192=== Wireless Projects ===
    147202  * Thomas Steele, Kemp Natural Resources Station, Univ. of Wisconsin
     204==== Content Retrieval in MobilityFirst FIA ====
     206Global Unique Identifiers (GUIDs) used in the !MobilityFirst Future Internet Architecture can be used to address different classes of Internet objects, from devices to contents, from services to context. In this demo we will showcase how contents can be retrieved through the use of the proof of concept prototype we have implemented working on any Linux/Android device. More information on !MobilityFirst FIA project can be found at
     209  * Wireless Information Network Laboratory (WINLAB) at Rutgers University
     210    * Franceso Bronzino,
     211    * Ivan Seskar,
     212    * Kiran Nagaraja,
     214==== Clemson Vertical Handover ====
     216A GENI testbed for vertical handovers. The Clemson GENI !WiFi and WiMAX networks have been integrated into a vertical handover testbed where experimenters can evaluate novel handover algorithms.
     219  * Ryan Izard,, Clemson Univ.
     220  * Adam Hodges,, Clemson Univ.
     222==== Course Modules for Teaching Networking Concepts ====
     224We will demonstrate the education modules we have developed for educators to use in their undergraduate Computer Networking classes. These consist of concept demonstration modules as well as student assignment modules. Each module is comprised of a short overview video, longer tutorial videos, written tutorials, and canned demonstrations. The concept modules also include presentation slides while the assignment modules include completed assignments as samples for the instructor.
     227  * Jay Aikat,, Univ. of North Carolina
     229==== Virtualized Services via OpenFlow Based end-to-end Networking ====
     231This system demonstrates a novel methodology for providing arbitrary virtualized services via Software Defined Networking (SDN). The tabletop demonstration provides virtual channels for services from the service provider all the way through to the user passed the user networking hardware. The system utilizes OpenFlow to control the network which enables priority based packet forwarding for required services. As an example, the updated emergency communication system implemented as the priority service will be demonstrated. Since the last demonstration, this demo has been updated on several levels. The additional services were implemented, thick clients replaced by thin clients, improved GUI made.
     234  * Milos Manic,, Univ. of Idaho
     235  * Dumidu Wijayasekara,
    149237=== Federation / International Projects ===
    165253  * Russ Clark,, Georgia Tech
     255==== VNODE and FLARE ====
     257We updated VNode system to next version and we will be showing our progress of VNode system, especially focusing on applications working over VNode system. We are planning to prepare three kinds of demos, one for video multicasting and transcoding in virtual network, second for FLARE switch, and at last for federation between different virtualization platforms.
     260  * Univ. of Tokyo
     261    * Akihiro Nakao,
     262    * Shu Yamamoto,
     263  * Toshiaki Tarui,, Hitachi
     265==== Federation Tools, Authorities, and APIs ====
     267In this demo we will demonstrate the further integration of what was discussed at GEC18 (International federation, federation tool session). How can we set up a federation with the Federation APIs, what tools and authorities support this and what are the advantages and experiences.
     270  * Brecht Vermeulen,, iMinds
     271  * Rob Ricci,, Univ. of Utah
     272  * Marshall Brinn,, GPO