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    4242=== GENI Infrastructure and Measurement Projects ===
     44==== The GENI Desktop ====
     46This demo will highlight several new features that have been recently added to the GENI Desktop, and will also demonstrate interoperability with other GENI Tools.
     49  * Jim Griffioen,, Univ. of Kentucky
     50  * Zongming Fei,, Univ. of Kentucky
     52==== Cisco ExoGENI Rack ====
     54The demo will be on Cisco ExoGENI that is comprised of both Cisco UCS-B blade server based solution along with UCS-C series rack servers. We expect that the GENI certification may be ongoing by the time of GEC19 or hopefully close to completion. Demo will show both Inter-rack and Mesoscale experiments capabilities at same time. Demo will include diagrams of architectures and possibly run large routing instances on the Cisco ExoGENI.
     57  * Tae Hwang,, Cisco
    4559=== Security and Data Exchange Projects ===
    93107  * Ibrahim Matta,, Boston University
     109==== NETMAP ====
     111xDPd is an open source software modular switch implementation. We integrated fast packet process framework called as NETMAP into xDPd to increase the forwarding performance. We will present performance results and possible applications of such a platform on GENI experimentation environment.
     114  * Levent Dane,, Univ. of Houston
     115  * Deniz Gurkan,, Univ. of Houston
     117==== Dell SDP and ExoGENI ====
     119Brief demo description Integration of Dell SDP on ExoGENI rack with a hard reset mechanism design elements and ORCA integration framework will be presented.
     122  * Levent Dane,, Univ. of Houston
     123  * Deniz Gurkan,, Univ. of Houston
     125==== Real Time Server Redundancy with OpenFlow Applications ====
     127Demonstration of Real time server redundancy for interactive applications using OpenFlow.
     130  *
    95132=== Wireless Projects ===
    116153  * Jim Chen,, Northwestern Univ.
     155==== SDX at Georgia Tech ====
     157The Software Defined Internet Exchange (SDX) is being explored as a means to link the GENI research infrastructure with other networks and service providers. This proposed demonstration and poster provides updates on the ongoing SDX work at Georgia Tech and !ColoAtl.
     160  * Russ Clark,, Georgia Tech