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GEC19 Developers Topics

At this developers session, we will hear updates about several issues relating to developing GENI tools, aggregates and clearinghouses, and standardizing aggregate behavior. Specific topics may include the status updates on Uniform Federation API, Speaks For, ABAC, and proposed and adopted changes to the Aggregate Manager API. This session will begin conversations that will be continued at the Coding Sprint session.

Live Stream Information

live stream


Wednesday 9am - 11am

Session Leaders

Marshall Brinn
Tom Mitchell
Aaron Helsinger

Agenda / Details

  1. Brecht Vermeulen, UGent and Fed4Fire
  2. Slice Exchange Point and Common API v2.0 - Michiaki Hayashi, KDDI
  3. Update on Federation API - Tom Mitchell, GENI Project Office
  4. The GENI Aggregate Manager API; Ratify and Discuss Changes (Aaron Helsinger, GENI Project Office)
  5. Speaks For: Status of Roll Out and Plans (Tom Mitchell, GENI Project Office)
  6. TSM; Tools to Scale up Experiments (Marshall Brinn, GENI Project Office)
  7. ABAC Support; Status, Plans and Benefits (Marshall Brinn, GENI Project Office)

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