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GEC19 Experimenter Drop-in, Operations Tutoring, Developers Coding Sprint

This is an informal session help session for:

  • Experimenters: Get help with your experiments, get answers to your questions about GENI, etc.
  • Network operators/campus IT: Get answers to your questions about GENI, GENI Operations, etc.
  • Software developers: Discuss details of software integration, software issues that affect multiple control frameworks or tools, etc.


Tuesday, 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Session Leaders

Developers Experimenters Operations
Aaron Helsinger
Sarah Edwards
Niky Riga
Josh Smift

If you have any questions or comments before/after the tutorial, please find one of us!

Developers: Aaron Helsinger, GENI Project Office

Experimenters: Niky Riga, Sarah Edwards, GENI Project Office

Operations: Josh Smift, Chaos Golubtisky, GENI Project Office

Agenda / Details

The GPO will also hold a tutoring session for GENI experimenters, where experimenters can come and work on various online GENI tutorials. The list of available tutorials will be advertised in advance of the GEC. The GPO will answer questions and provide assistance. Experimenters with an idea they want to work on are encouraged to come do so in the same room, so that they can have support from the on site GPO staff and other experimenters.

GPO operations staff will also be available to help GENI ops/admin folks who'd like a hand getting set up with GENI credentials, the Omni command-line tool, etc. This can be useful if you're running a GENI aggregate, so you can create a slice and some slivers, and test for yourself whether the aggregate manager is working like you expect. We'll also be happy to discuss any other topics of interest to the ops/admin community.

This software development session provides an opportunity for GENI engineers to collaborate in real time on a particular software or documentation issue. The topic(s) will be selected well in advance of the conference, based on need and key party availability. Expected topics may include:

  • The GENI Aggregate Manager API: Adopt some proposals that have already begun to be implemented (N, O, P, Q)
  • The GENI Aggregate Manager API: Support Long Lived Slices (Change Proposal T)
  • Stitching
    • Common error codes and typical error messages
    • Advertising actual availability of VLANs and bandwidth
    • Support for VLAN tag negotiation - through AM API v3, or a part of it?
    • Tool support for discovering possible circuits
    • Stitching all machines on a LAN at an AM to the same VLAN (aka Stitching to Aggregates)
    • Service for client tool workflow support (make the stitcher tool a service)
    • Stitch points (stitching to arbitrary non-GENI resources)
  • TSM; Tools to Scale Up Experiments
    • How can we help experimenters start with small experiments and grow from there?
  • The GENI Aggregate Manager API: Advertise the aggregate URN(s) in GetVersion (change proposal S)
  • Updates on other topics raised at the GEC 18 coding sprint, like long lived slices and updating SSH keys on nodes
  • Other topics that come up during the GEC or that participants in the room want to discuss
  • Updates and issues on the roll out of Speaks For to aggregates, tools, and clearinghouses, including use of ABAC credentials
  • An update on the state of the Clearinghouse API and implementations at the GENI Clearinghouse, ProtoGENI, and support in Europe

Session Summary