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    2121== Agenda / Details ==
    23 This tutorial is designed to help bridge the gap between the 'toy' [wiki:GENIExperimenterWelcome/Repository/WiMax beginner experiments] and 'real' experiments that can lead to interesting research results. The aim is for you to leave this tutorial with an understanding of
     23In this tutorial, you'll learn two ways to use GENI WiMAX. We'll try
     24 * an experiment that uses live, on-campus WiMAX to measure an interactive real-time communication application
     25 * an experiment that is run remotely over SSH on a WiMAX testbed
     27In both cases, we hope you will gain an understanding of
    2428 * the capabilities of the WiMAX platform for evaluating experimental applications and protocols in a wireless environment
    2529 * a sense of what the 'pieces' of a WiMAX experiment look like, and how you can use this to conduct own research in this framework
    27 In this tutorial, participants will gain hands-on experience with step-by-step guidance in designing and conducting an experiment utilizing GENI wireless infrastructure. Participants will work in small groups to learn how to develop and execute an OMF experiment using WiMAX-equipped clients, all within the context of a non-trivial experiment from a major area of computer science or networking research.
    2931== Pre-Requisites ==
    3436 * You may also want to use an SQLite browser to view experiment data. If you don't already have one, you can download this [ SQLite browser Firefox extension].
    36 == Tutorial Tracks ==
     38== Tutorial Experiments ==
    38 In the instructor-guided tutorial session, participants will break into small groups to learn how to use GENI WiMAX tools to design, instrument, execute, and evaluate a non-trivial research-oriented experiment.
     40We'll run two experiments as part of this tutorial:
    4042 * [wiki:WiMAX/WiMAX-Tutorial/Dash/00 Rate Adaptation Policies for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) Video Delivery] 
    44 == More information for beginners ==
     46== Where do I go from here? ==
     48If you're ready to try using WiMAX in your own research, you can get more information here:
    4749[wiki:GENIExperimenterWelcome/Repository/WiMax Beginning WiMAX Experiments]
    49 == More information for advanced users ==
    51 If you are planning to run your own experiments on WiMAX, it is important to understand the limitations of realistic wireless experimentation and how these will affect your work. This paper, which appeared in the 2nd GENI Research and Educational Experiment Workshop (GREE2013), describes the performance of the GENI WiMAX testbeds and also examines why some applications might not perform as well as expected on this platform.
    52 [[br]]
    53 [[br]]
    54 > F. Fund, C. Wang, T. Korakis, M. Zink and S. Panwar, "GENI WiMAX Performance: Evaluation and Comparison of Two Campus Testbeds," in ''Proceedings of The Second GENI Research and Educational Experiment Workshop (GREE2013),'' Salt Lake City, UT, 21-22 March 2013. [ pdf]