Experimentation with WiMAX and GIMI at GEC18


Tuesday, 8:30am - 10:00am

Session Leaders

Fraida Fund, Thanasis Korakis (Polytechnic Institute of NYU)

Tutorial Instructors
Fraida Fund
Ivan Seskar
Abhimanyu Gosain
Raytheon BBN

If you have any questions or comments before/after the tutorial, please find one of us!

Agenda / Details

In this tutorial, you'll learn two ways to use GENI WiMAX. We'll try

  • an experiment that uses live, on-campus WiMAX to measure an interactive real-time communication application
  • an experiment that is run remotely over SSH on a WiMAX testbed

In both cases, we hope you will gain an understanding of

  • the capabilities of the WiMAX platform for evaluating experimental applications and protocols in a wireless environment
  • a sense of what the 'pieces' of a WiMAX experiment look like, and how you can use this to conduct own research in this framework


  • If you are new to GENI, we strongly recommend that you attend Sunday's tutorials, especially the session on OMF and OEDL and the GIMI session.
  • Active participants will need a laptop equipped with an SSH client (such as Putty for Windows) and a web browser.
  • You may also want to use an SQLite browser to view experiment data. If you don't already have one, you can download this SQLite browser Firefox extension.

Tutorial Experiments

We'll run two experiments as part of this tutorial:

Where do I go from here?

If you're ready to try using WiMAX in your own research, you can get more information here: Beginning WiMAX Experiments

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