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Plenary Session - GENI Updates


Monday, 8:30 - 10:00am

Session Leader

Mark Berman
GENI Project Office

Agenda / Details

''Planned Speakers''

 * Mark Berman, GENI Project Office
 * Ian M. Robertson, Dean, College of Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison
 * Keith Marzullo, Division Director, NSF CISE Division of Computer and Network Systems (CNS)

GENI Update: Information on recent GENI progress and plans
 * Goals and Progress, Mark Berman, GENI Project Office
 * Architecture, Marshall Brinn, GENI Project Office
 * Infrastructure and Operations, Heidi Picher Dempsey, GENI Project Office
 * Experiment Support, Vicraj Thomas, GENI Project Office

Demonstration: Dr. Niky Riga, GENI Project Office
 * Run a Complete Experiment in GENI using GIMI and labwiki, Mike Zink (University of Massachusetts), Shufeng Huang (University of Kentucky), and Divya Bhat (University of Massachusetts)
  - [attachment:gec17-plenary-demo.pptx Slides for GIMI/LabWiki]
  - Slides for OpenFlow Load Balancing Demo using GIMI can be found here: [ gec17-gimi-openflow-demo]

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