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    3333Learn to design, script and run an experiment using the !LabWiki tool and the OEDL experiment scripting language.  !LabWiki and OEDL together make it easy to design repeatable experiments, try out different experiment configurations and publish experiments for use by others.
     35This hands-on tutorial will show you how to use the LabWiki interface and the OMF Experiment Description Language (OEDL) to:
     36* describe small and large scale experiments
     37* execute these experiments using GENI resources
     38* visualize and analyze collected measurements
     40After an overview of the tutorial's plan and the tools to be used, we will start the tutorial with the description and execution of a simple "Hello World" experiment. We will then move to a small scale experiment, which will be based on the work of existing network researchers (i.e. evaluating the performance of a peer-assisted video streaming scheme). This second experiment will involve measurement collection and visualization through graphs within Labwiki, Finally, we will scale that experiment up to hundreds of resources and use this scaled-up instance in other experiments.
     42Thus at the end of this tutorial you should have a comprehensive view on how to easily to design, run, scale up, and re-use experiments with LabWiki and OEDL.
    3544==== Pre-Requisites ====
     46Active participants will need a laptop equipped with a web browser
    3748==== Please Arrive With: ====
    4455== Tutorial materials ==
     57More information will be posted soon.