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    5757This column allows you to start a new instance of an experiment, and to monitor the execution of that instance.
    5858 * To start a new instance of an experiment, select and load the experiment in the Prepare column as described above. If required you may want to edit and save that experiment (still from the Prepare column as described above.
    59     [[Image(labwiki_using_7.png)]]
     59    [[Image(labwiki_using_7.png, 95%)]]
    6161 * Then drag the icon [[Image(labwiki_icon_1.png)]] next to the experiment's name from the Prepare column, and drop it in the Execute column. You should now see in the Execute column some information about this new experiment instance.
    6363 * You may want to give a name to this experiment instance in the Name field within the Execute column, or leave that field blank to let !LabWiki pick a unique name for you.
    6464 * You can start this new experiment instance by clicking on the "Start Experiment" button.
    65     [[Image(labwiki_using_8.png)]]
     65    [[Image(labwiki_using_8.png, 95%)]]
    6767 * Once you start this new experiment instance, the Execute column will show information about the running experiment, such as detailed logs and any defined graphs (you may have to scroll down to the bottom of the Execute column to see these graphs).
    68     [[Image(labwiki_using_9.png)]]
    69     [[Image(labwiki_using_10.png)]]
     68    [[Image(labwiki_using_9.png, 95%)]]
     69    [[Image(labwiki_using_10.png, 95%)]]
    7171 * When the experiment instance has finished running, you may copy a plotted graph from the Execute column back to the Plan column, in order to include it to your report or written records. To do so, drag the icon [[Image(labwiki_icon_4.png)]] located below the graph (next to its title) and drop it just after the line of text of your choice in the Plan column
    72     [[Image(labwiki_using_11.png)]]
     72    [[Image(labwiki_using_11.png, 95%)]]