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    4545 * To edit an existing document, which is currently displayed in the Plan column, just drag-and-drop the document icon [[Image(labwiki_icon_1.png)]] from the Plan column to the Prepare one. Once you are done editing, click the save icon  [[Image(labwiki_icon_2.png)]]. Once that document is save, you can refresh its view in the Plan column by searching for it again in the search field and loading as previously.
    4646    [[Image(labwiki_using_2.png)]]
     47 * To edit an existing document, which is not currently displayed, just use the search field in the Prepare column to type the name of that document. Matching results should appear in a drop-down list, and you may then click on the desired document, which will be loaded in the Prepare column and ready to be edited
     48    [[Image(labwiki_using_3.png)]]
     49 * To create a new document, click on the icon [[Image(labwiki_icon_3.png)]] on the left of the search field of the Prepare column. You should see a new menu, where you can enter the name for the new document (e.g. another_test). You have to select "Wiki" as the document type in the pull down menu next to the new document's name. Finally, you should click the Create button. To edit the newly created document, you have to first load it in the Prepare column as described previously.
     50   [[Image(labwiki_using_4.png)]]