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    77== Overview ==
     9The goal of this third and final part of the tutorial is to demonstrate how easy it is to scale your OEDL experiment up to use more resources.
     11The scenario of this experiment is similar to the [wiki:GEC18Agenda/LabWikiAndOEDL/Experiment2 previous part 2 experiment], except that this time we will use more peers, i.e. up to 10 or 20 depending on the available resources on the current ExoGENI Racks. In this experiment, we will also collect the same measurements as in the [wiki:GEC18Agenda/LabWikiAndOEDL/Experiment2 previous part 2 experiment].
    916== Part 1 - Design/Setup ==
    1118[[Image(wiki:GENIExperimenter/Tutorials/Graphics:design_on.png, 76)]]
     20For help on all actions regarding !LabWiki, please refer to the [wiki:GEC18Agenda/LabWikiAndOEDL/Introduction previous page]
     22'''The OEDL experiment description'''
     24 * Duplicate the [wiki:GEC18Agenda/LabWikiAndOEDL/Experiment2 previous part 2 OEDL experiment description] into a new experiment description file for this third part of the tutorial
     26'''Walk-through the above OEDL experiment description'''
     28 * As we are using the same OEDL experiment description as in the [wiki:GEC18Agenda/LabWikiAndOEDL/Experiment2 part 2 experiment], please refer to [ the part 2's 'walk-through' section].
    1430== Part 2 - Execute ==
    1632[[Image(wiki:GENIExperimenter/Tutorials/Graphics:execute_on.png, 76)]]
     34 1. After saving the above OEDL experiment description, drag-and-drop it from the "Prepare" column to the "Execute" column, as [ previously described].
     35 2. Set the value of the property ''slice'' to the pre-allocated slice number which was assigned to you.
     36 3. Now set the list of leecher_player to include more resources than previously (e.g. 1,2,3,4)
     37 4. Similarly set the list of seeders to include more resources than previously (e.g. 5,6,7,8,9)
     38    * NOTE: a resource that was previously used as a leecher_player in a previous experiment run must have completed downloaded the full video to be able to be a seeder in a subsequent run, i.e. to avoid cluttering the experiment description we did not include tasks to ensure that seeders do indeed have the complete video before starting the other tasks.
     40  [[Image(labwiki_exp2_1.png)]]
     42 5. Click on the "Start Experiment" button. You will shortly see output messages under the "Logging" section and later graphs being drawn under the "Graphs" section.
     44  [[Image(labwiki_exp2_2.png)]]
    1946== Part 3 - Finish ==
    2148[[Image(wiki:GENIExperimenter/Tutorials/Graphics:finish_on.png, 76)]]
     50 1. A message in the "Execute" column will appear to inform you that the experiment execution has finished. At this stage, you should have the complete graphs for this experiment at the bottom of that column, which should be look like below depending on the number of resources you set as leecher_players or seeders.
    24 == Help & Additional Resources ==
     52  [[Image(labwiki_exp2_3.png)]]
    2856[wiki:GEC18Agenda/LabWikiAndOEDL/Experiment2 <-- Back to Experiment 2] | [wiki:GEC18Agenda/LabWikiAndOEDL Next to Main Tutorial Page -->]
     59== Help & Additional Resources ==
     61 * [wiki:GEC18Agenda/LabWikiAndOEDL/Introduction LabWiki quick guide]
     62 * [ OEDL Reference Document]
     63 * [wiki:GEC18Agenda/GettingStartedWithGENI_III_GIMI Getting Started with GENI and the GENI Portal - Part III - GIMI]
     64 * [ OMF6 Documentation]
     65 * [ OML Documentation]