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    102102'''Walk-through the above OEDL experiment description'''
    103104 1. For more details on each OEDL commands described below, please refer to the [ OEDL reference page]
    104106 2. '''''defProperty.''''' This command is used to define experiment properties (aka variables), you can set the values of these properties as parameters for each experiment instances, and access them throughout the entire experiment run. In this example, we are defining 2 properties, to hold the names of each of the resources that we will use. Its syntax is available [ here].
    105108 3. '''''defApplication.''''' This command declares the details of an application that we would like to use in this experiment. The application may be already installed on the resources or may be deployed as part of the experiment's execution. The information declared via this command are generic attributes of the application (e.g. the path to its binary), the parameters that it accepts (e.g. 'target' in this example), and the measurements that it provides (e.g. "rtt_stats" in this example). This command's syntax is available [ here]
    106110 4. '''''defGroup.''''' This command is used to define a group of resources which we will use in this experiment. A group may contain many resources and a resource may be included in many groups. This commands may also be used to associate a set of configurations and applications to all resources in a group. In this example, we are defining 2 groups (First_Peer and Second_Peer), each with only one resource, then we are configuring the IP addresses of these resources, and associating the previously declared application to them. Its syntax is available [ here].
    107112 5. '''''onEvent.''''' This command declares the set of actions to perform when some specific event is triggered. In this example, the event is "ALL_UP_AND_INSTALLED", i.e. when all node resources are ready to receive commands and all applications associated to them are installed. The actions to perform when such event triggers are: print some message, start the applications associated to each group with some delay, wait some time and then stop the experiment. The syntax for this is available [ here].
    108114 6. '''''defGraph.''''' This commands defines the graph that we would like to generate while the application is running. In this example, we are defining 2 graphs, one is a line chart and the other a pie chart. These graphs will be drawn using measurements declared in the previous defApplication command, and requested in the previous defGroup commands. The syntax for this is available [ here].