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ExoGENI/GIMI Tutorial


The objective of this tutorial is to introduce the GIMI tool set to experimenters who are interested in performing experiments on ExoGENI slices. We will introduce an experiment workflow which experimenters will most likely apply to perform measurements.

After the tutorial, experimenters should be able to:

  • Create a slice on ExoGENI and run an experiment on top of this slice.
  • Orchestrate experiments with OMF:
    • Set up routing on top of topology
    • Verify that topology has been set up correctly
    • Execute an experiment that measures the impact of packet size on throughput by comparing udp output at the sender and udp input at the receiver.
  • Store and retrieve data to/from iRODS
  • Analyze/visualize measurement data with various tools



It is a tool used to instrumentize and measure network experiments
The project is available on GitHub-LabWiki

Where to get help:

You can get solution for most of the ExoGENI problems in the ExoGENI wiki

In the following we list set of resources which experimenters can make use of to obtain further help if required:


To get more information on Labwiki, LabWiki

Tutorial Instructions

  • Part I: Design/Setup
    • Step 1: Design Experiment
    • Step 2: Establish Management Environment
    • Step 3: Obtain Resources
  • Part II: Execute
    • Step 4: Configure and Initialize Services
    • Step 5: Execute Experiment
    • Step 6: Analyze and Visualize Experiment