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     2= Getting Started with GENI and the GENI Portal - Part II  =
     4== Schedule ==
     6Sunday, 1:30pm - 3:00pm
     8== Session Leaders ==
     12<table  cellspacing=0  style="border:2px solid gray;">
     14<tr align='center'>
     15<td> <a href=""><img src="" height='120px'/></a></td>
     18<tr align='center'  style="border:1px solid gray;">
     19<td  style="border:1px solid gray;">Gary Wong <br/>University of Utah</td>
     27== Agenda / Details ==
     29'''Understanding the GENI AM API through a simple experiment'''
     31Understand how resources are described and reserved in GENI.   Learn how to customize those resources using standard mechanisms. Use multiple tools to act on a slice and reserve resources.
     33This tutorial will discuss the strengths of different types of GENI racks.
     35While doing this experiment, use and understand the following terms: resource specification (RSpec), sliver, and aggregate manager API (AM API)
     37Do the experiment using the following tools: Flack, omni (and GENI Experimenter Portal and ssh)
     40==== Pre-Requisites ====
     42This is the second part of a [wiki:GEC17Agenda/GettingStartedWithGENI three part tutorial].  [wiki:GEC17Agenda/GettingStartedWithGENI_I Part I] or equivalent experience is a pre-requisite for this part. 
     44''This tutorial or equivalent experience is a pre-requisite for Part III: [wiki:GEC17Agenda/GettingStartedWithGENI_III_GEMINI Part III/GEMINI] or [wiki:GEC17Agenda/GettingStartedWithGENI_III_GIMI Part III/GIMI].''
     46In addition, the following background will be helpful for this tutorial:
     47 * A basic familiarity and comfort with using a UNIX command line
     48 * A basic understanding of GENI concepts such as those covered in the [wiki:GEC17Agenda/IntroToGENI Introduction to GENI and Experimentation using GENI] talk
     50==== Please Arrive With: ====
     52 1. Laptop with a recent version of [ Virtual Box].
     53 1. A GENI Experimenter Portal account.
     55==== Results ====
     57In Part II, attendees will run their second complete experiment in GENI.
     59At the end of Part II, attendees will be able to:
     60  * Use and understand the following terms:
     61    - Resource Specification (aka RSpec)
     62    - sliver
     63    - Aggregate Manager API (AM API)
     64  * Customize the resources they reserve using standard mechanisms:
     65    - understand that a resource specification (RSpec) is an XML file
     66    - understand that resources are reserved using the aggregate manager API (AM API)
     67    - understand how to load a topology using an RSpec
     68    - have edited an RSpec using a tool (Flack) as well as by hand
     69    - have reserved and deleted resources using a command line tool (omni)
     70    - know how to specify the image to load on a compute node
     71    - know how to have software automatically loaded and run on a compute node
     72    - have run a simple layer 2 experiment
     73  * Use multiple tools to act on a slice and reserve resources
     74    - understand that all tools use common mechanisms to describe resources (RSpecs) and to reserve resources (the AM API)
     75  * Understand the strengths of different types of GENI racks
     77== Tutorial materials ==
     79    Exercise 1 - [wiki:GEC17Agenda/GettingStartedWithGENI_II/Procedure Getting Started with GENI II (Procedure)] [[BR]]
     80    Exercise 2 - [wiki:GEC17Agenda/GettingStartedWithGENI_II/Exercise2/Procedure Exercise 2]
     82Slides: [attachment:GettingStartedWithGENI-Part2.pdf Presentation used at this session.]