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Getting Started with GENI and the GENI Portal - Part I


Sunday, 10:30am - noon

Session Leaders

Sarah Edwards
Niky Riga

Agenda / Details

Complete your first experiment using GENI!

Develop a basic understanding of the experiment workflow by doing a simple layer 2 experiment.

While doing this experiment, use and understand the following terms: experimenter, project, slice, aggregate, resource, resource specification (RSpec)

Do the experiment using the following tools: GENI Portal, Flack, ssh & ssh keys


There are no pre-requisites for this tutorial.

This is the first part of a three part tutorial. This tutorial or equivalent experience is a pre-requisites for Part II.

The following background will be helpful for this tutorial:

Please Arrive With:

  1. Laptop with a recent version of Virtual Box.
  2. A GENI Experimenter Portal account.


In Part I, attendees will run their first complete experiment in GENI.

At the end of Part I, attendees will be able to:

  • Use and understand the following terms:
    • Experimenter
    • Project
    • Slice
    • Aggregate
    • Resource
    • Resource Specification (aka RSpec)
  • Do the complete experiment workflow:
    • understand how to use their GENI Experimenter Portal account to join a project and create a slice
    • know how to draw an experimental topology and reserve resources using a graphical tool (Flack)
    • know how to log into compute resources using ssh and a private key
    • know how to manually load software onto a compute node
    • have run a simple layer 2 experiment
    • know how to delete resources

Tutorial materials


Slides: Download them here

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