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GENI SDN Offering



Session Leaders

Marshall Brinn
GPO Nick Bastin
Barnstormer Softworks

Agenda / Details

The goal of this session is to discuss the Software-defined networking offering in GENI. We will review a software-based approach, the current hardware-based approach and discuss requirements for experimenter tools to allocate and manage software-controlled topologies.

Nick Bastin of Barnstormer Softworks will be presenting a model for providing a software-switch based programmable WAN to experimenters.

Eric Boyd of Internet2 will present current plans and expected features for the Internet2 offering in support of the GENI SDN offering.

The remaining time of the session will consist of an open discussion, including members of the GPO infra team, of the current and anticipated state of the GENI network, with an emphasis on SDN-related capabilities for experimenters.



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