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    4444  * Ilya Baldin, RENCI,
     46==== The GENI Desktop ====
     48This demonstration will highlight several new features of the GENI Desktop including preliminary support for modules and various enhancement to make the Desktop easier to use.
     50We will also demonstrate new features designed to assist in running tests, including modules to generate traffic and control the flow of data across a slice.
     53  * Jim Griffioen, UKY,
    4655=== Security and Data Exchange Projects ===
    5564  *  Prasad Calyam, University of Missouri-Columbia,
     66==== GIMI ====
     68This is a combined ExoGENI/GIMI demo that will show how GIMI can be used to observe an experiment that is carried out on an ExoGENI slice. I will demonstrate the GIMI portal and its instrumentation and measurement services.
     71  * Mike Zink, University of Massachusetts-Amherst,
     73==== Applying Operating System Principles to SDN Controller Design ====
     75We introduce yanc, a novel controller platform for software-defined networks which exposes network configuration and state as a file system, enabling user and system applications to interact through standard file I/O, and to easily take advantage of the tools available on the host operating system. In yanc, network applications are separate processes, are provided by multiple sources, and may be written in any language. Applications benefit from common and powerful technologies such as the virtual file system (VFS) layer, which we leverage to layer a distributed file system on top of, and Linux namespaces, which we use to isolate applications with different views (e.g., slices). Effectively, we are making Linux the network operating system. Yanc currently contains a driver to communicate with OpenFlow enabled hardware but is designed to be independent of a particular SDN technology.
     77This is a preview/demo of a project which is going to be presented at !HotNets '13 in November. We are planning on using GENI for further experimentation in this project.
     80  *  From the University of Colorado-Boulder, Department of Computer Science, Next Generation Networks Research Group
     81    *  Oliver Michel -
     82    *  Matthew Monaco -
     83    *  Eric Keller -
    5786=== Wireless Projects ===
    5988=== Federation / International Projects ===
     90==== iGENI / Slice Around the World ====
     92We will demonstrate projects of members of the Consortium For International Advanced Networking Research using The "Slice Around The World" as a platform for Advanced Network Research and other Science Research.
     94The "Slice Around the World" demonstration initiative was established to demonstrate the powerful potential of designing and implementing world-wide environments consisting of Global computational and storage clouds closely integrated with highly programmable networks. The initiative has been established by network research centers/research labs that are participating in multiple next generation networking activities, including those developing large scale distributed experimental network research environment, such as those be implemented by such initiatives as the NSF Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI), the EU Future Internet Research Environment (FIRE), the Japanese New Generation Internet, the Korean Future Internet initiatives, the German Future Internet Lab (G-Lab), the Brazilian future Internet initiative and others. These environments are being developed by researchers for researchers. An important goal for many of the current projects would be to have persistent global environments directly developed and managed by the research community to support their experimental research.
     97 * Jim Chen, Northwestern/iCAIR,