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Getting to the Demo Site

Bus Schedule

Buses will drop demo attendees as well as experimenters at the demo venue:

  • Experimenters - 3:30pm
  • Attendees - 5:30pm

Sunday evening shuttles will depart from Demo Night at TBA

Getting to Demo Venue on your own

From The Madison Concourse Hotel

Public Transport

23 mins, by bus and walking -

Private Transport

~2 miles,

Shipping information

Since Demo Night is on the weekend, if you want to mail/ship anything demo-related to the Demo Night Venue, it would be easier if you shipped your item(s) to the hotel directly.

  GENI Conference - Demo Night

Demo Posters

The GPO would like to ensure that all Demo posters are displayed at the Conference for the duration of the conference. Please leave your poster with the GPO after demo night is over. The GPO will transport your poster to the conference and leave it on display for the conference.

You may take the poster with you when you leave Madison.


If you need to print out posters or other supporting materials, there is a Fedex Printing Shop near the hotel and demo site.

Near The Madison Concourse Hotel and Demo Site at Univ. of Wisc.

FedEx Office Print / Ship Center
654 W Washington Ave
Madison, WI 53703

Hours: Mon-Fri - 7AM - 11PM
Sat,Sun - 9AM - 9PM

Map From Hotel - ~1 mi :

Map From Demo Site - 2 mi:

Contact information

Peter Stickney and Manu Gosain from the GPO are organizing the demo session. Manu's cell phone number is +1.781.888.5279.