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This page has instructions about:

Setting Up

  1. Fire up Chrome
    Note: If the login page comes up, just login with the GENIConference account (find Niky, Sarah, Vic or Peter for login information)
  2. Load this link.
  3. Name the hangout with the session name, GEC18Agenda and start the hangout
  4. [If possible] Once the page loads, click on the Embed link (on the top of the page) copy the youtube link and paste it on the top of the specific agenda page.

Leader Tasks

  1. One minute before the session starts press the Start Broadcast button
  2. When you want to stop broadcasting, usually when the session ends, press the Stop Broadcast button and one the broadcast has stopped close the window.
    Note You can't start and stop the broadcast for the same session so once you stopped it that's it.