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Software on the GEC17 Tutorial VM

Software Initially Installed

Updated existing packages

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Miscellaneous packages needed for GEMINI

sudo apt-get install python-m2crypto python-dateutil python-openssl libxmlsec1 xmlsec1 libxmlsec1-openssl libxmlsec1-dev openjdk-7-jdk git  python-M2Crypto python-paramiko sharutils ntp libncurses-dev build-essential bison flex python-lxml
sudo apt-get install libreadline6-dev libtool automake python-dev
sudo apt-get install yap swig

Installed iRODS 3.2

cd ~/src
tar -zxvf irods3.2.tgz
cd iRODS

Include additional prompts for advanced settings [no]?  no
Build an iRODS server [yes]? no
Include GSI [no]? no
Include Kerberos [no]? no
Include the NCCS Auditing extensions [no]? no
Save configuration (irods.config) [yes]?  yes
Start iRODS build [yes]? yes 

Set up bash environment for iRODS

echo 'export PATH=/home/geni/src/iRODS/clients/icommands/bin:$PATH' >> /home/geni/.bashrc

Installed other misc tools

  • emacs
  • Flash

Firefox Bookmarks for:

  • GENI Portal(
  • GEC17 Agenda
  • GENI Desktop (in GEMINI folder)
  • GIMI Portal (in GIMI Folder)
  • Flack
  • iRODS Web Client