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     3=  Experimentation with WiMAX and GIMI at GEC16 =
     5== Schedule ==
     7Tuesday, 8:30am - 10:00am
     9== Session Leaders ==
     11Fraida Fund, Thanasis Korakis (Polytechnic Institute of NYU)
     13== Tutorial Instructors ==
     15||[[Image(,nolink)]][[BR]]Fraida Fund[[BR]]NYU-Poly||[[Image(,nolink)]][[BR]]Ivan Seskar [[BR]] WINLAB ||[[Image(,nolink)]][[BR]]Abhimanyu Gosain [[BR]] Raytheon BBN ||
     18If you have any questions or comments before/after the tutorial, please find one of us!
     21== Agenda / Details ==
     23In this tutorial, participants will gain hands-on experience with step-by-step guidance in designing and conducting an experiment utilizing GENI wireless infrastructure. Participants will work in small groups to learn how to reserve resources, configure a GENI WiMAX base station, and develop and execute an OMF experiment using WiMAX-equipped clients, all within the context of a non-trivial experiment from a major area of computer science or networking research.
     26== Pre-Requisites ==
     28 * Active participants will need a laptop equipped with an SSH client (such as [ Putty]  for Windows) and a web browser.
     29 * You may also want to use an SQLite browser to view experiment data. If you don't already have one, you can download this [ SQLite browser Firefox extension].
     31== Tutorial Tracks ==
     33In the instructor-guided tutorial session, participants will break into small groups to learn how to use GENI WiMAX tools to design, instrument, execute, and evaluate a non-trivial research-oriented experiment.
     35 * [wiki:GEC16Agenda/WiMAX-Tutorial/Streamload/00 Streamload: Quality Video Streaming for Mobile Users]
     36 * [wiki:GEC16Agenda/WiMAX-Tutorial/Coop/00 Cooperative Packet Recovery over Hybrid Networks ]
     37 * [wiki:GEC16Agenda/WiMAX-Tutorial/Video/00 Live OTA Wireless Video Delivery Service]
     39== More information for beginners ==
     41[wiki:GENIExperimenterWelcome/Repository/WiMax Beginning WiMAX Experiments]