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     3=  !OpenFlow =
     5== Schedule ==
     7Thursday, 8.30am - 10.30am
     8== Session Leaders ==
     10Niky Riga, Luisa Nevers GENI Project Office
     12== Agenda / Details ==
     13The purpose of this tutorial is to get familiar with the OpenFlow Protocol, understands how it works and get some hands-on experience in writing your own OpenFlow controller.
     14At the tutorial we will also review the current use of OpenFlow in GENI, demonstrate a simple setup and learn  how you can setup your own experiment.
     16== Pre-Requisites ==
     18Before you come to the tutorial please make sure that you:
     19  1. '''A computer.''' Your computer needs to be powerful enough to host a VM with 1GB of memory.
     20  2. '''!VirtualBox'''. For this tutorial you will to install [ Virtualbox] on your computer.
     21  3. '''GENI Tutorial VM'''. For this tutorial we are going to use the GENI tutorial VM. You are going to get an email about downloading a copy of the VM.
     22  4. '''Access to GENI'''. In this tutorial we are going to use GENI resources, you will receive an email about how to activate your access to the [ GENI Portal]. Please follow the instructions before coming to the tutorial.
     23  5. '''Access to your email'''. You will need to have access to your email in order to be able to complete this tutorial.
     25Also it would be useful is you are:
     26  * familiar with the GENI terminology and the use of the GENI Portal. Please consider attending the [wiki:GEC16Agenda/IntroToGENI Introduction to GENI] and the [wiki:GEC16Agenda/GENIPortalIntro GENI Portal Tutorial] sessions.
     29The tutorial instructions can be found [wiki:GEC16Agenda/OpenFlow/Instructions here].